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Here’s a phrase I hear a lot (and admittedly, I have said it too), “It’s good . . . for gluten-free!”

Some gluten-free foods taste too gritty, grainy, or pasty.  I have tried enough of them to say that many of them are bad. Others taste insanely delicious, and there are others that can be gluten-freed and still rock.

Part of our GF-ing challenge is to see if we can recreate our favorite recipes, without gluten and without a discernable difference. Sometimes it is as easy as switching an ingredient from regular to gluten-free, but most of the time it takes a few tries and a little finessing to achieve the desired result. Five tries in and I am closing in on the perfect adaptation to my espresso brownie.

Being gluten-free is a challenge but it isn’t a curse.

Whether you are gluten-free or not, Nutmeg & Grace shares food and recipes that are delicious and not just “good for gluten-free.